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The Dutch Wadden Sea Islands
The Dutch Wadden Sea Islands
A Cyclists Paradise
The Dutch Wadden Sea Islands ( consist of five varied pearls nestled in the sea north of Holland and make up part of the Wadden Sea world heritage site. The islands are part of a larger archipelago that stretches as far as Denmark and consists of a number of environmentally diverse and protected habitats. 
The islands, Schiermonnikoog, Ameland, Terschelling, Vlieland and Texel, are easy to access from the mainland and connecting ferries make island hoping by bike relatively straight forward. Schiermonnikoog ( has been voted the prettiest place in the Netherlands by Dutch people with its picturesque houses and long beaches. Ameland is famous for its traditional “commander houses” which used to house the captains of the whale hunting boats. An arts festival each November is another draw. At Terschelling ( you can visit the town of West Terschelling and see the pretty marina with around 450 moored boats. The sandy and wild Island of Vlieland ( and has a calm atmosphere with cars limited to locals. Each year Vlieland hosts several events, including a music festival in September. Texel ( is the largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands and is busy all year with activities and events. The island has a nature centre and seal reserve and a food festival in September.
For cyclists the Islands offer a relatively flat terrain, varied landscapes and a peaceful retreat. Ferries allow you to hop between the islands, taking in the various events, historic buildings, wide open beaches and dramatic scenery as you travel. The islands are renowned for their cycle friendly attributes and attract all levels of cyclist. The Islands also make up part of the longer North Sea Cycle Route so can be incorporated into longer more dedicated cycling tours. Two good day cycle rides around Texel can be found in the “Day trip” section of (
Cycle hire outlets are numerous, and bike hire companies are often listed on the islands dedicated websites. Cycle hire providers include Vermeulen Bikes ( Herenstraat 69, 1797 AG, Den Hoorn); Solexverhuur Texel ( Postweg 79, 1795 JK, de Cocksdorp); Fiets Inn Texel ( Nikadel 75 1796 BR De Koog); Zeelen Fietsverhuur ( Voor al uw vragen, Telefoon, Terschelling and also available on Vlieland); Rijwielverhuur Tijsknop ( Torenstraat 10-12, West Terschelling, Terschelling); Jan Van Vlieland ( Havenweg 7,
8899 BB, Vlieland); Fietsenverhuur Soepboer ( Paaslandweg 1, 9166 PV, Schiermonnikoog).

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