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Holidays by Cycle is a resource for every tourist and aims to simplify the process of integrating cycling into traditional holidays as well as assisting dedicated cycle tourists with their travel plans. From the family who wants to hire bicycles whilst self-catering to the serious long-distance cyclists who require cycle-friendly accommodation on the route, we list all types of cycle friendly accommodation, cycle hire, routes, and tours as well as providing useful information so planning cycling inspired holiday is made simple. If you wish to list your accommodation or cycling related service see here for more information.

The site is set up to facilitate your own planning on a "do it yourself" basis, or to use the expertise of professional tour providers. We are the only website to list cycle friendly accommodation, cycle hire providers and organized tour companies across Europe, as well as providing route suggestion of our own and routes from the Open Cycle Map. If you wish to combine your cycling trip with rail transport, we have also provided transport maps and booking gateways for Rail Europe and The Train Line. Finally, to ensure you are enthused and informed for your cycle trip, we provide useful articles from those in the know. Holidays by Cycle is, therefore, the complete resource for cycle tourism related information in Europe.

Recently the website was acquired by BimBimBikes. The company is a Dutch online platform for bicycle rentals, which connects travelers to rental points all over the world. They have built a network which currently consists of more than 1750 rental locations spread over more than 84 countries, and they keep on expanding every day! Their goal is to enable customers to rent a bicycle anywhere in the world. BimBimBikes could be referred to as the of bicycle rental. With this acquisition, renting a bike for the Holidays by Cycle visitors will be easier than ever! WIth just one click, you can go on the home page and find your perfect cycle hire!  


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